Answer to NWO theory supporters

Gouvernance documents Answer to NWO theory supporters

There is no need for a conspiracy to analyse our world today and be awekened of what is happen now!

The economical and political structures are just to ancient and mediocre.

We can feed today 12 billions people and we just let 1 billion of them die because the capitalism doesn’t work as we expected the last 50 past years! There is no need to fight against over population because we have already made the demographic transition, the world population will stabilise in the next 30 years aroud 9 or 10 billions people. We already produces as much food on earth according to the FAO (UN agency: food and agricultural organisation). Our system is simply too idiot to do an equitable repartition of ressources.

We just need to update the structures and to bring into force the direct democracy! There is no need for violent conflicts in order to do that!The best social progresses in the 20th century were obtained by non-violent direct actions:


If you just want to express your voice:


If you want to create actions with other people:


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